WWI Resources: Lesson 3

What is the purpose of commemoration?

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WWI Resources: Lesson 3

Delivery idea

What is the purpose of commemoration?

How to do it

Option 1 - Research four different forms of commemoration in your local area and write a report comparing and evaluating the effectiveness of them.

Option 2 - Interview a local person with links to the First World War, it may not that person fought in The First World War but rather their father or relative fought. Find out about what they were told by their relative about the war and how it has influenced their opinion of it. They could also find out whether the relative has been inspired to do more research because of this.

When/ where to use it

This lesson plan and resources are designed to support the RFU's commemoration of The First World War

This lesson is recommended to be delivered with a History focus for students between 11-14 years of age. Ideally it would sit within a History, Humanities or PSHE lesson in the same year as the age group would be studying The First World War.

Skills / Level

  • Definitions.
  • Reflection and evaluation.
  • Creativity with group task.
  • These lessons have not been directly linked to levels due to the move to the new GCSE 9-1 and the removal of NCV levels at Key Stage Three. Instead these have focused on key skills identified above and crucially the ability to identify, explain and compare which are skills that would benefit most secondary school subjects.

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