Enrichment: Transition Week

Delivery idea

Use Rugby World Cup 2015 during a transition week to support primary pupils' transition to secondary school. Start with sporting activities and progress to including other subjects.

How to do it

Stage one: secondary school students organise and run an afternoon Tag Rugby festival for Year 6 pupils from feeder primary schools, on the secondary school site. Each primary school represents one of the Rugby World Cup countries.

Stage two: instead of the afternoon of Tag Rugby, the students run a multi-sports day for the primary pupils.

Stage three: teachers and secondary students organise a week of lessons in a range of subjects, all using the theme of the Rugby World Cup. Pupils compete for points based on Rugby's core values rather than sporting or academic prowess.

When/ where to use it

Transition week. For example, St Mary's will host its transition week in July 2015, in the term before Rugby World Cup 2015 actually starts.

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