Enrichment: Immersive Learning

Stage one: through an immersive day for one year group, enable students to put together the bid to host the Rugby World Cup.

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Enrichment: Immersive Learning

Delivery idea

Stage one: through an immersive day for one year group, enable students to put together the bid to host the Rugby World Cup.
Stage two: involve the whole school in an immersive half-day on the same theme.
Stage three: involve the whole school in an immersive full day on the same theme.

How to do it

Explain what is meant by immersive learning (through an introductory video if appropriate).

Students are taken off timetable for one day and put into vertical groups, i.e. mixed groups of Year 7-13 students. (This might be in their houses.) Based on a six-lesson day, the students have four lessons in which to create a bid package to host a Rugby World Cup with the aim of educating the nation on Rugby's core values. The bid package and presentation must include:

  • Speech as to why they should host the event
  • Information on what their country has to offer and how the tournament would be hosted
  • Budget plan
  • Understanding of the core values
  • Official song or theme
  • Set of food dishes for participating teams
  • Model of the Rugby World Cup trophy and replica of a host stadium
  • Banner for the host country

In the first lesson of the day, groups are introduced to the Rugby World Cup and the core values through brief team-building exercises. Then they split their group into different sub-teams for the next three sessions where they will attend workshops to help put their bid together. Each group has a classroom as its home base; students can visit the workshops then bring back their work to the home base to prepare the bid.


  • Speech - created in classroom base
  • Host country information - use of ICT rooms/library to research their host country
  • Budget plan - students visit business studies for budgeting guidance
  • Core values - teachers host seminars exemplifying the values and their application in Rugby and daily life
  • Song - students visit the music rooms to create a song or theme tune
  • Food - students visit food technology to create a dish with sports nutrition in mind
  • Trophy/stadium model - students visit design technology to create their models
  • Banner - students visit the art department to create their banner.

In lesson 5 the students return to their home base and put the final touches to their presentation. In lesson 6 the groups present to each other in the assembly hall or sports hall and a selected panel of judges picks the winning bid.

Teachers will either be with one of the groups for the day or be supporting their own curriculum areas in preparing and delivering the workshops throughout the day. All teachers will watch the presentations during lesson 6.

When/where to use it

An immersive learning day might best be linked to a signature moment or wider event, such as National School Sports Week, the Six Nations, one year to go to Rugby World Cup 2015 or 100 days to go.

Top tips

  • Hold a 40-minute meeting with staff to brief everyone about their role during the day.
  • Immerse staff in the day too, for example allow them to wear their favourite Rugby shirt.
  • Involve professional/local Rugby players in the day, for example as special advisers in workshops or in student groups.

Supporting resources

Supporting materials stored in Enrichment/Immersive Learning in the resource.

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